Alpha Wire Equivalent

乐动APP登录银河系是一个自定义和股票的主要供应商lpha equivalent wire, also called Alpha equals wire or Alpha equal wire.

Alpha Wire Equivalent / Alpha Equals Wire

Alpha Wire Equivalent / Alpha Equals Wire 乐动APP登录银河系是一个自定义和股票的主要供应商lpha equivalent wire, also called Alpha equals wire or Alpha equal wire. Galaxy can supply various types of equivalent wire to brand name wire, both stock and custom, in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts. Galaxy can also recommend the correct Alpha wire equivalent for specific applications.

What is Alpha Equals Wire or Alpha Equivalent Wire?

An equivalent to an Alpha wire is a wire that has the same electrical and physical properties as the brand name, Alpha Wire in this case. Essentially the fit, form and function of the cable would be the same as an Alpha Wire product.

福利啊f Alpha Wire Equivalent

The main benefit of using an Alpha wire equivalent is significant cost reduction compared to the brand name. In many instances, a Galaxy-supplied Alpha equivalent will be a fraction of the cost of the brand name wire. Another benefit would be the availability of an equivalent, and in some cases smaller minimum order quantities. The end result is a wire that can help reduce costs and still function as it was designed to.

Galaxy Differentiators / Advantages for Alpha Equivalent Wire

The main advantage of working with Galaxy to identify an equivalent to an Alpha wire is its ability to procure a cost effective solution. Aside from the significant cost savings, Galaxy is able to identify if the current wire is the best solution for the application.

Alpha Wire Equivalent Technical Specifications

Galaxy offers Alpha equals wire in the following ranges of technical specifications:

  • Gauge: 40AWG – 500MCM
  • Voltage: specific to application
  • Temperature: -75°C to +250°C

FAQs about Alpha Equivalent Wire

Will an equivalent wire perform the same way as the brand name wire?

Yes, the equivalent wire will perform the same way and there should be no change to the electrical functionality.

Will an equivalent wire have the same construction and dimensions as the brand name cable?

Yes, the equivalent wire will be constructed in the same way as the brand name, using the same materials and certifications and yielding the same dimensions.

Can different elements be included into an Alpha wire equivalent?

Yes, but then it will no longer be considered an equivalent. Galaxy has the expertise to provide the exact wire required, brand name equal or otherwise.

Common Alpha Equivalent Wire Part Numbers

The following table lists many typically used Alpha equivalent wire part numbers. Many other Alpha part numbers are available as equivalents.

Alpha Wire Part # Alpha Wire Part #
Alpha 1172C Alpha 2401C
Alpha 1173C Alpha 2403C
Alpha 1174C Alpha 2411C
Alpha 1175C Alpha 2413C
Alpha 1176C Alpha 2421C
Alpha 1177C Alpha 2423C
Alpha 1178C Alpha 2433C
Alpha 1179C Alpha 2461C
Alpha 1180C Alpha 2464C
Alpha 1181C Alpha 2466C
Alpha 1292C Alpha 2471C
Alpha 1294C Alpha 5471C
Alpha 1296C Alpha 5472C
Alpha 1298C Alpha 5473C
Alpha 1299/10C Alpha 5478C
Alpha 1299/15C Alpha 5479C
Alpha 1299/20C Alpha 5480/19C
Alpha 1895C Alpha 6300/3
Alpha 1896/4C Alpha 6300/4
Alpha 1898/4C Alpha 6300/8
Alpha 1898/5C Alpha 6300/10
Alpha 1898/7C Alpha 6305
Alpha 1898/9C Alpha 6306
Alpha 1899C Alpha 6307
Alpha 6308
Alpha 6309

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